Get back to basics: lift properly

Dr. Charles MaurerChiropractic, Ergonomics

Is there a problem? In the United States alone, about 6 million people are injured each year at their workplace.  Out of these injuries, over 1 million of them result in back problems, making it the number one occupational injury in the country.  Most of these back injuries are due to improper lifting techniques. (Improper Lifting) What kind of injuries? … Read More

The perfect office chair

Dr. Charles MaurerChiropractic, Ergonomics

Many patients ask me: “how should I seat in my chair” or “what is the perfect office chair?”.  Here are a few tips when choosing the right office chair or wanting to adjust your current one. Seat height: you need to make sure that your feet touch the floor, so you need to make sure that you adjust the height … Read More

Chiropractic adjustments. What are they?

Dr. Charles MaurerChiropractic

Getting adjusted… At times I have patients that come in and are scared of “being popped” or having their “neck twisted”.  “You are in the right place”, i tell them.  Why? Because getting adjusted should be the best thing in the world!  It shouldn’t be a traumatic event, it shouldn’t be uncomfortable, and for sure it shouldn’t be painful. There are … Read More