Chiropractic adjustments. What are they?

Dr. Charles MaurerChiropractic

Getting adjusted…

At times I have patients that come in and are scared of “being popped” or having their “neck twisted”.  “You are in the right place”, i tell them.  Why? Because getting adjusted should be the best thing in the world!  It shouldn’t be a traumatic event, it shouldn’t be uncomfortable, and for sure it shouldn’t be painful.

There are many ways to adjust the spine.  It all depends on the technique that the doctor chooses for that specific subluxation.  If the doctor chooses to manually adjust someone,then the doctor’s hands will deliver a quick, and highly accurate thrust. Sometimes, an instrument is used to direct a repeatable force to a fixated spinal joint.  Other times, chiropractors use special tables with moving sections to adjust.

So then what makes that sound, “the pops”?  Just like any joints in your body, there is lubricating fluids in each spinal joint.  Some of the adjusting techniques will produce a sound when the gas (nitric oxide) and fluids in the joint shift.  It’s just like opening a soda can or perhaps even removing a suction cup. Although the sound can be interesting for many patients, it is never a guide to the quality of the adjustment itself.

Is it safe to “pop” my own neck? Why get adjusted?

No! There is a big difference between “popping” your own neck and getting a chiropractic adjustment! If you have the habit of popping your own neck, then you need to stop!  Doing it over and over again can lead to cervical spine instability: basically, when you crack your neck, you will always crack the segment that is already moving.  Over time, that segment can become unstable and can lead to injuries.  Whenever a chiropractor adjusts you, he/she will always “unlock” the fixated segments, the one that are not moving right and are “chocking” or irritating nearby nerve tissue.  Chiropractic adjustments will add motion to those stuck areas and thus will help restore nervous system integrity and will help the healing process.

What do adjustments feel like?

Each patient has a unique experience, but each and everyone of them report “a feeling of calmness”, “a sense of well-being” with their adjustments.  If your chiropractor’s adjustments make you hurt, then please change your chiropractor!

Are adjustments safe?

Yes! Absolutely!  Many, many studies prove how safe chiropractic adjustments are when delivered by Doctors of Chiropractic (Studies).  When it comes to safety, taking an over-the-counter pain reliever is about 100 times more risky than getting adjusted!

Can you be too young or too old to get an adjustment?

If you have a spine, then you are absolutely a candidate for an adjustment!  Chiropractors will modify your chiropractic care to your age, size and health history.

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