The perfect office chair

Dr. Charles MaurerChiropractic, Ergonomics

Many patients ask me: “how should I seat in my chair” or “what is the perfect office chair?”.  Here are a few tips when choosing the right office chair or wanting to adjust your current one.

  1. Seat height: you need to make sure that your feet touch the floor, so you need to make sure that you adjust the height in order to have both feet flat on the floor.  The thighs should be parallel to the ground.
  2. Seat depth: push your hips as far as they go in the chair.  There should be about 2.5 inches of space behind the knees.  This will make sure that there won’t be too much stress at the seat edge.
  3. Lumbar support: your low back should push against the back of the chair.  Place a cushion (pillow) to encourage the low back to arch slightly to prevent you to slouch forward.
  4. Armrest: adjust them so that your shoulders are relaxed.

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