What Our Customers Said

Dr. Marcel Popa is a kind and caring professional. I started running and hurt my ankle. From an association, I visited with Dr. Popa and he was able to thoroughly explain my situation and that he would be able to help set me up on the path to heal but that I also needed to correct my problem or it would happen again. I’ve never received that news from any professional that I had seen before. He follows up, returns calls and is always eager to learn what motivates his patients. It’s encouraging when I leave with much less pain than when I arrive. Dr. Popa at North Springfield Family Chiropractic truly has my families best interest and me at heart.
– Eric

Dr. Popa is extremely knowledgeable! Being a family practice, he has the ability to see children and adults! He’s very personable and will spend the time to figure out exactly what’s going on to help you with your health concerns.
– Glenn

In the recent past I had severe back pain to the point I could not get in-&-out of the car. I finally made it to see Dr. Marcel Popa and he took the time to listen about my current & previous back injuries and administer treatment accordingly. I must admit it, at first, I was concerned about treatment as I’m pregnant and didn’t want to create other problems to myself or to the unborn baby. Dr. Popa has carefully offered treatment and after only 3 visits I had no pain what so ever. He is a blessing for my family and me! Thank you, Dr. Popa.
– Emily

I originally went to see Dr. Popa with an ankle injury and shin splints that was caused by running. After the first visit I was able to see and feel a huge improvement. He set up a treatment plan and was able to get me to recover quickly. Dr. Popa takes his time and listens to your concerns and makes you feel like you’re not just another number walking through his door. His adjustments are tailored for each individual; he truly has been a blessing to me and my families’ health and wellbeing. Thank you Dr. Popa!
– Jacob

Dr. Popa is highly knowledgeable about the causes and treatments of pain! He takes as much time to thoroughly find the problem, explain it to you and treat the causes of pain as possible. He also treats kids as young as newborns all the way up to adulthood! You may be asking “why an infant needs to be treated for back pain” as I asked myself and the reality is they don’t! I have personally witnessed Dr. Popa’s treatments help with infants gas and bowel problems, also known as infant colitis. The baby hadn’t had a bowel movement in days, and minutes after Dr. Popa treated the baby (which is not the same as treating a full grown adult by the way) the baby just about filled the diaper! I highly recommend Dr. Popa!
– Kris

Dr. Popa is one of the kindest and most knowledgeable chiropractors I’ve had the pleasure of visiting. It is very obvious that he cares about your well being and will do anything in his power to get you healthy. A one of a kind experience
– Robert

Dr. Popa is one of a kind. Unlike other doctors, Dr. Popa genuinely cares about his patients. I strongly recommend him. Thank you Dr. Popa.
– Joe

I have seen great results after the treatments and I highly recommend Dr. Marcel Popa to everyone.
– Florin

Great Chiropractic Physician. Dr. Popa has treated me several times and he is great with kids too. I feel very comfortable recommending him to my friends and family.
– Richard

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